Seminary Education Online


We have four fully online programs at Bethel Seminary (MDiv, MATS, MA in Ministry, and MA in Christian Theology). Sometimes prospective students ask what online seminary education looks like at Bethel Seminary. We created this video to answer that question. You can find the video and more information at our Bethel Seminary site.


Preaching Helps for Upcoming Lectionary Texts

My commentary on upcoming 1 Peter lectionary texts is now available at I’ve appreciated and enjoyed the opportunity to contribute to this valuable project and have provided commentary on Matthew, Luke, and 1 Peter. If you’re preaching through the lectionary or are wanting to hear what biblical scholars might offering into any passage you are preaching on in coming weeks, I’d encourage you to access this website resource.

“The Least of These”-In the News Again

The “Least of These” is in the news again–and specifically the contested question of their identity in Matthew (Matt 25:31-46). I was tapped to weigh in on this question a couple of years ago. In that blog post for Biola’s Center for Christian Thought, I pressed against a reading that downplayed “the least” as physically impoverished: “Where Did the Poor Go?”

This week, I was asked for comment by Jerry Adler for a Yahoo news post, “‘The least of these’: Meals on Wheels, the Trump budget and the struggle over Matthew 25:40.” As I noted in my conversation with Adler, “There’s a tug of war over this text, who gets to own it.” I hope that this contest over “the least” might push us back to the text itself, to read it and to listen again for its messages for us today.

Renewal of Creation and the Value of Human Work

I had the opportunity recently to prepare and present a “Ted-talk-like” session (read, memorized) at Bethel San Diego. The topic was Work with Purpose and my angle into that topic was the New Testament eschatological theme of the renewal of creation. My presentation, along with the rest of the presentations (by Justin Irving, Paul Ferris, and Glen Scorgie), are playlisted and provided on the Bethel Work with Purpose Initiative YouTube page.

Courses by Jeannine Brown

My courses produced by Mobile Ed (Logos) are now available for purchase:

“Introducing Literary Interpretation”

“Interpreting New Testament Narrative: Studies and Methods”

“Matthew’s Use of the Old Testament: Kingdom and Christology”

My goal with these three courses was to move from breadth to depth, with the second course addressing literary (narrative) interpretation for the Gospels more specifically. The third course then drills down into an important facet of narrative methodology, namely, the area of intertextuality (the Old Testament in the New). One of my current writing projects (Baker Academic) focuses on the intersection of these areas of study: The Gospels as Stories: Narrative Approaches to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.