Bethel’s Online MDiv gains recognition

Our Bethel Seminary Online Master of Divinity degree has been highlighted as one of the best online MDivs at Here’s the article that highlights our program and puts us in the top 20 online MDivs:

Bethel University had its birth as a seminary in 1871 in Chicago. Founded by Christian sea captain John Alexis Edgren, the Baptist Union Theological Seminary was established as a means to train Swedish pastors for congregations of Baptist immigrants fleeing persecution by the state church in their Scandinavian homeland. While Bethel relocated several times, it nevertheless remained a part of the University of Chicago’s divinity school until in 1914. That year, churches of the Baptist General Conference acquired and moved it permanently to St. Paul, where it joined with a Baptist high school to form Bethel Seminary and Academy. In 1947, its sister school became a 4-year college, and together they were known as Bethel College and Seminary. Bethel Seminary is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools, the Higher Learning Commission, and other accrediting groups depending on program needs.

The Master of Divinity at Bethel Seminary can be completed fully online. It consists of a total of 78 credits, which the student can completed in four to five years. Bethel’s MDiv will prepare the student for vocational ministry, chaplaincy positions, and for further doctoral studies. Classes the student will take for their MDiv include Old and New Testament Survey, Hermeneutics, Systematic Theology, Church History, and more.

Alongside classes in the Center of Biblical and Theological Foundations, Bethel University also offers the student opportunities to take classes in a variety of other disciplines. The student can take classes in Children’s and Family Ministry, Christian Thought, Church Planting, and Transformational Leadership.


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