The Satisfying Feeling of Completing Writing Projects

I’ve recently completed two writing projects: a commentary of Matthew (with Kyle Roberts) and a book on relational integration between psychology and theology (with Steve Sandage). Being a high-J on the Myers-Briggs, there’s nothing quite like finishing a major writing project (or two!), even if I know it will come back to me (us) for a final review. Being a high-J, it is also interesting to me that both of these have been interdisciplinary, collaborative projects. My personal-type tends to like the expected and longs for control, so co-writing is not the most obvious choice for me. Yet I’ve learned along the way that co-writing helps that curious side of me reach into areas in which I’m not particularly expert (theology and psychology, respectively). And co-writing offers a relational challenge and reward that is difficult to attain with solitary writing projects.

In the end, I think I like both challenges–writing on my own and writing with others. But when I think about what might last the test of time and be the most helpful contribution to the present academic context, I wonder if collaborative, interdisciplinary writing (with friends who are trustworthy) might be the offering that endures.


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